Women's Beginner Outdoor CLINICS


Who is this for?

Clinics are for women interested in outdoor activities!!  These clinics are created to provide women with an inviting and nonjudgmental  place to learn new outdoor skills.  This is your opportunity to try new things and develop your inner outdoor spirit.  If you love nature and have an interest in learning new things then join the Be Ultra Living Ladies for outdoor adventures!  The clinics are developed to as a lecture followed by hands on experiential learning to give you opportunities to learn basic skills and build confidence.  

Clinics Offered:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Handling Bee Hives (Spring/Summer)
  • Crossbow
  • Kayaking
  • Fire Starting
  • Tent Camping
  • Map and compass
  • Night Hiking
  • Setting traps/snares


Some clinics are seasonal so please check my site, my Instagram @be.utlra.living or my FaceBook at Be Ultra Living for updates on upcoming clinics.  Current scheduled clinics are listed below.

Hiking Clinic:

When- TBD Winter 2019

Where- Thunderbird Lake Clear Bay Trail Head (Clear Bay Ave Norman, OK 73026)

Cost- $15

  • Bring your hiking shoes/boots, wear appropriate clothing for weather and water for the hike.  You will learn the basics of hiking on trails, what to do if you encounter wildlife and how to read your map.  We will hike the green and yellow loop after the lecture http://bit.ly/ClearBayTrailMapNew 

Tent/Backpacking Clinic

When- TBD Winter 2019

Where- Choctaw Creek Park (2001 N. Harper Choctaw, OK 73020)

Cost- $15

  • Have you ever seen the movie "WILD" with Reese Witherspoon and wondered if you could handle backpacking on your own and pitching your own tent.  Join this clinic to learn the basics of tent camping- how to pick a good spot to pitch your tent, setting up your tent on your own, how to set up your fire pit and necessities for safety while "out there". 

Couch to Trail Program


Who is this for?

This is a 6 week program for women only!  This is a course for any woman that has even the slightest interest in moving your body outdoors on the trails.  Being outdoors in nature is a passion of mine and I want to offer a course that will provide experience, increase your confidence and instill basic exercise skills to help you get from the couch to the trails for exploration and adventure.  We will focus on power hiking skills, functional strengthening exercises, learn about wildlife and more.  By the end of the program you will be ready to test your hiking endurance on the trails!!

In the program you will learn:

▪ Basic strengthening exercises ▪ Basics of hiking trails ▪ Trail etiquette ▪ Safety on the trails: how to handle wildlife (snakes, coyotes, mountain lions) and other trail users (bikes, horses, etc) ▪ What you should be doing off the trail to train (cross training, strength training exercises, stretching) ◾What to bring/best shoes/gear, etc Includes: – Post session recap emails and handouts – Access to the private BULL Facebook training group for the duration of the course. This is where we will post updates and share useful articles, workouts and videos. This will also serve as a community where you can talk, share stories, experiences, tips and meet other women on our monthly women’s trail hiking group adventures!


Early Spring 2

Sample Program Itenerary:

Session #1:   - Perfecting our hiking skills + Gear and nutrition for trail hiking talk - Techniques/form for steep hills, breathing, where to look, etc       

Session #2:    - Fitness for trail hiking   - Exercises trail hikers should be doing (we will go through one set of the entire workout which will take 20-30 mins)  - What to do between sessions  - Start of easy intervals for 1-2 miles power hiking/walk  (10-20 second power hike, 1-2 minute walk)     

Session #3:  - Handling steeper, technical terrain - More work on power hiking + learning your footing on the downhills - 2 miles of no timing intervals but  learning to use the terrain as a natural indicator for your pacing (hike the hills, power hike the flats, focus on footing for downhill) ...all the while we can't forget to stop and explore!!   

Session #4: - Wildlife + safety talk  - Longer intervals for 2.5 miles (30 second power hike, 90 sec walk)        

Session #5: Today is all about endurance.  We will talk about mental strategies, how to deal with not being motivated, tired, side cramps, heat and other elements.  We will discuss what to bring on a longer hikes. We will be out for time, not distance today (ideally 60-75 minutes on the trail outside of the talk).       

Session #6 Adventure day!: Pull it all together for a longer distance trail adventure. We will take our time to soak in the scenery and put together everything we've been working so hard on, its all about the journey!


Trails I'm considering for this program are Lake Thunderbird trails, Choctaw Creek Park trails and Draper Lake trails.  Trails will all depend on weather and accessibility.  


The cost is only $99 for this 6 week program.  You will be paying for a focused program to provide you the tools needed to start focusing on your fitness and health by combining outdoor fun and camaraderie with other women.   If you are sick, out of town or just have to miss a clinic, don’t worry!  You can jump in one of our other courses to make up any classes that you missed.  The plan is to offer the courses throughout the summer and fall season.You are getting the benefit of small group coaching for a fraction of the cost (clinic size is limited to 10 participants) and will be given information, handouts and/or exercises/workouts after every session to do at home.



Weekend Adventures

My goal is to lead weekend adventures for trail running and hiking/back packing expiditions.  These weekends will include a training program and plenty of time to prepare physically and logistically. 

Upcoming Events

I don't have anything scheduled however I am looking at the following locations:

-Mowdy Mustang Ranch 

-Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve

-Big Cedar Cabins near Ouachita Mountains

-Devil's Den in Arkansas

Stay tuned for Saturday morning runs...they are announced on Instagram or Facebook

What to expect with a women's adventure weekend?

Fun!! Camaraderie! Practicing skills learned in training and building confidence to keep adventuring together or solo.