Be accountable coaching


About Me

My name is Shanna Sears and I am a wife, mother of 2 girls and have practiced as a professional clinical social worker since 2005. I truly believe every human has the potential to reach their inner greatness and I want to help you along the way. I believe that good mental and physical health is fostered by improving the connections between your body, family, community, spirituality and nature.  My accountability coaching will help you become the best version of yourself.    

Coaching Service

Accountability coaching helps clients to discover their own motives and goals and explores creative options in finding the best path toward their goals. An accountability coach fills in the gaps in your master plan developed by your family, doctor, running coach, school, work, etc. Accountability coaching takes all aspects of life into account and helps you to manage difficult barriers, develop creative strategies and create an ultra-mindset that you will use for the rest of your life.  

What to expect from your Accountability Coach

- I will complete a thorough assessment of your current goals, schedule, barriers, needs and supports.

- I will provide support in prioritizing the above and develop an action plan based on your needs and top goals. 

- I will provide honest and non-judgmental feedback to assure consistent accountability

What I expect from my clients

- Readiness for life transformation.

- A client must understand what their intentions for change are- What is your WHY?

- Clients must provide consistent feedback and honesty regarding the process and action plan.

Services and Fees

Consultation- (Free) 15-20 min conversation with client about Ultra Coaching and how it may be valuable to them and their needs/goals.


Assessment- 1-1.5hr complete assessment including the following:

  • Identifying and prioritizing your goals?
  • Identifying your interest in Ultra Coaching (this will just be a more detailed extension from the consolation if you had one)
  • Identifying what being your ‘Ultra Self’ looks like?
  • Identify your current barriers?
  • Tools utilized in assessment include:

  1. Motivational Interviewing to identify your goals and rating scale to recognize where you are and where you want to be. 
  2. Wheel of Life- rate satisfaction in each category and prioritize
  3. Spheres of Influence

                 - Things you can control

                 - Things you can influence

                 - Things you can’t influence, either right now or at all

  • Personalized plan will be developed and sent to you via email 


Accountability Coaching- ($160/month) Weekly Follow Up 

- Clients participating in Accountability Coaching will be added to a shared data base with me to share information and feedback throughout the week based on your personalized plan.

- Participating in coaching will include one weekly call (15 minutes), or bi-weekly calls (30 minutes), access to coach via email and texting and consistent reassessment of your plan based on your needs and progress. 

- The frequency of the calls will be determined by your needs.